Friday, October 21, 2011

#coupons strike again!

This time I was on my own.

The wife set em up, and I knocked them down.

The mission was home supplies.  Toilet paper, soaps, deodorants and our new favorite, toothpaste.

We ended up with 106 items, and we shouldn't have any needs for deodorant or toilet paper for a year... an what's left will be donated to Operation Breakthrough.

I've bought in, but it can be time consuming,

Check out took some time as we tried to get everyone on board.  When we finally were on the same sheet of music, check out went smooth and I was out of there.  It's not one of our monster runs, but we had some things with the boy come up that didn't allow us to spend too much time on couponing this week.

Until next time!

Last week's grocery run
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