Monday, October 10, 2011

Miss #Coupon strikes again

So the wife scripted up another outing.  Here's the highlights.
  • When I got home from work to go to the store, we still had to cut, sort and match coupons for 3 hours.
  • We hit the store around 8pm.
  • By the time we unloaded and went to bed, it was 2:30am.
  • I had to park outside since my half of the garage was covered for 3 days.
  • I had to buy two shelves, rearrange our basement and become a stock boy to fit everything in our basement so I could park in the garage over the weekend.
  • We could have had more items had we had the energy and didn't have to pick up the kids from the family that sat them while we went out.
  • We need to narrow our focus on items.
  • Operation Breakthrough Rose Brooks will be happy campers.

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