Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#Ruckus Comes to Kansas City

Ever heard of Ruckus Sports? It's along the lines of Warrior Dash and all the other obstacle course races. The difference is that Ruckus things they are the best.

Ya, everyone thinks their stuff is the best, but I'll be putting the course through the paces to see what it's really made of.

That's right, Man Vs Triathlon is taking on Ruckus Kansas City. Bring it on, right?

I'm not exactly sure how my triathlon and running training will fair out there.  I've been lifting for my off season program in addition to maintenance endurance training.  I have no doubt I will have the aerobic capacity, but I'm not sure about the strength endurance.  Hand ladders and other obstacles are a different animal.

I'm looking around to maybe get some cross fit in asap, but any other recommendations to get some last minute work in for race prep?  Race is Nov 5!
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