Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#Running paved trails and missing clothes

As I laced up for a post-work this past Monday, I realized one thing before the run and a couple of things during the run...

  1. Runners vs bike on trails - 75% of bikers are courteous and will warn runners they are coming up behind them.  I know I appreciate a good "on your left" that's the right volume.  Yelling "ON YOUR LEFT" tends to make a runner jump and not move and too softly and the runner can't hear you.  Thanks to that 75%.
  2. Some bikers tailgate runners waiting to pass.  Why?  What's so important?  If you are riding on paved trails and not the road, speed is not your concern.  Pedestrians have the right of way, don't run them over!
  3. Some riders don’t slow down.  Taking a sharp turn at 16 mph with crushed leaves on the pavement isn't smart just by yourself.  Add a runner that you have to navigate around at high speed and you are asking for trouble.  Slow down, speedy.
  4. Some walkers take the whole trail.  A family with two strollers, 2 kids on bikes and 3 adults don't need the entire width of the trail.  Learn to walk on one side so oncoming traffic can get by... c'mon man.
  1. Forgot running shorts for after work run.  What's a runner to do?  Call off the run?  Go home and get some clothes thus wasting time you invested to get ready?  No.  How about wearing boxers over under armor compression shorts.  Yes.  Be inventive and keep your modesty!
  2. Them to add insult to injury the next day the workout bag was reloaded but I forgot socks for gym, so I lifted weights sockless.  No big deal.  30 minutes without socks won't kill anyone but if I was running... it wasn't going to happen.
Luckily I have my "just in case" strategy with my workout bag.  I'm ready to run, swim or lift at any time, but I've been getting sloppy about making sure everything is in there.  Need to buckle down!

Got a new kicks from The Clymb.  Sweet New Balance Trail shoes.  After running the Wakarusa Challenge I definitely want to get more trail work in.  Hard part is, trails usually don't open pre-dawn and running after work is a tough option since trails are out of my way from work to home.  We shall see how that fits in.  I'm also venturing outside of the Asics brand with New Balance.  They are comfy and seem to fit the right spots... so hopefully it's a good switch for this pair.

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