Friday, October 14, 2011

Thoroughly Kneaded Muscle Therapy

If you have trained and raced any kind of endurance event, you know about the aches and pains! Rest, recovery and proper nutrition can minimize this, but another option is massage therapy.

Personally I think my massage regiment has sped up recovery of pulled hamstrings and quads, as well as addressed aches and pains that could have progressed to a chronic situation if left unchecked.

Sleep.  Nutrition.  Recovery.  Massage.

The 4 staples to keeping me injury free!

Thoroughly Kneaded Muscle Therapy has teamed with Man Vs Triathlon for the Heartland 39.3 race series to bring massage to the masses!  What's even better is they are going to work with us to do a giveaway for free 30 minute massage sessions (or you can apply that to a full 60 minute massage) in 2 weeks!  All you sore people from the KC Marathon, stay tuned!

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