Monday, November 28, 2011

It is possible to have your cake, and eat it too

that is... when it's the holidays. Ah how triathletes are consumed with weight and eating habits. Not me this fine Thanksgiving. We traveled, we ate and we shopped. My wife spared no treat expense baking and cooking for 2 days for our 2 days with family. Luckily we left a lot there, but some of it came back with us!

Luckily I got in some good running speed work around my Grandmother's house while the weather was AWESOME! Sunny and 60's, how does that happen on 11/24?

We also dared Black Friday for a second time. We ventured out two years ago for the AM sales, and did ok and stayed within a "budget", but this year all bets were off. Wal-Mart opened up sales at 10pm and electronics at midnight. Luckily where we were, there were no Toys R Us's or Best Buys. From blog posts around the interwebs, it just sounded chaotic and no fun. It worked out to be in the "sticks" as Wal-Mart was pretty tame minus some mouthy individuals and out of control shoppers.

These are tames scenes from what I had seen elsewhere.
But, it wasn't without some drama as the local paper warned patrons that police will be on hand with pepper spray if things took a turn for the worse.  You know you live in different times when police have to show up in force with weapons to keep discount hunters at bay.  Good or bad... I'm not sure.

Black Friday came and went... my best deal was a nice 23" monitor for the home setup so that I can work better to bring you all better blog posts!  Right?  Quality of posts to go up soon, so you hope!  =)

We also had some family time as we caught up with my Dad and Wee Man actually let him hold him for more than 10 minutes!  That's a record.  But, with that Fu Man Chu beard going on, I don't blame my son for being a little apprehensive.

What Kansas City holiday would be complete without a trip to Camerohead.  Yes, the Chiefs in their full glory lost a "thriller" the the Steelers, 13-9.  It was cold, I was sober, and I was not amused.  Especially not so amusing was the moron so drunk before the national anthem he couldn't hold on to the stair railing to stay upright.  Moron.

Hope everyone else had a great holiday and ate in moderation, got some training in and got your Christmas tri gear for Black Friday or Cyber Monday!
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