Monday, November 14, 2011

#KUfootball #KUBasketball win and loss

This past weekend was spent celebrating 4 years with the Mrs.  It seems like we have crammed in 10 years worth of stuff in 4 years!  Sick newborns, more hospital stays and visits between Em and Wee Man than we can count, but in the end we are all still here and in relatively good health.  =)

So, what do you do to celebrate a blissful 4 years?  Watch KU sports, that's what.  Nothing more romantic, right?  Forget NYC Broadway show or a getaway on a tropical island (if we could even afford stuff like that).  Watching KU trounce Towson by 46 points and an almost upset by KU football over Baylor comes in at the top of our list!

Easy to watch KU bball beat up on non-cons!

4th Q was KU 24, Baylor 3.  Final score in OT, KU 24, Baylor 31. Interesting...
It was all topped off by eating dinner in downtown Lawrence with KU Chancelor Bernadette Gray-Little.  We had playful banter and spoke in depth about the status of the Big 12 (10,9,13,10 - whatever).  Ok, maybe not.  But, we did sit RIGHT next to her having dinner.  I didn't have much of an opinion of her one way or the other, but sitting next to her you just feel the power exuding from her and the respect she demands... in silence.  And when she speaks, she's nice!  Now, I wouldn't want to piss her off to find out what she's like when mad...

We all know about busy lives and trying to get workouts in.  That's why I'm counting Sunday's 6.5 hours of re-assembling a outside playset as weight training.  Kill two birds with one screw driver, right?  That monstrosity was a bastard!  I've never spend so much time leveling and squaring something that will ultimately get ransacked by two kids.  I think I can justify 2 hours of strength training from the experience!  I mean, I had a T1 to eat a PBandJ for lunch and a T2 to get R2 an afternoon snack.  Just like a half ironman... sort of.

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