Tuesday, November 15, 2011

@PumaRunning shoes joins Man vs Triathlon

Some exciting stuff going on at MVT headquarters!

Puma and MVT have come together to throw Puma shoes into the fire for Man Vs Heartland 39.3!

They have graciously donated:
  1. Velosis 3
  2. Trailfox 4
  3. Bolt Faas 400
The Velosis is their main on the road running shoe.  Appealing, light and functional; I'm looking forward to torturing the shoe over the winter training for the 39.3 races.

The Trailfox is a nice lightweight trail runner.  While trail running is few and far between, it should be a good trainer for X-Camp class at rEvolutions Gym.

The Bolt Faas 400 is a SUPER LIGHT running shoe.  It's like wearing a house slipper to run in.  You can barely tell you are wearing a shoe!

So far I've been on a few runs with the Velosis and Bolt Faas.  I'm traditionally an Asics Gel 1100 series shoe wearer.  They provide the correct support and rigidity for my feet and curb arch and heel issues that flare up with other shoes that don't feet my feet.

I'll be posting some of my running experiences with these shoes.  Honestly, Puma's were more of a fashion shoe in my mind until I started researching them a bit through their site.  After a few workouts with them, their running shoes seem legit!  We shall see if they can take the pounding over the cold months!
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