Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#swimming , #Ruckus , and #Halloween oh my

Ruckus is coming Saturday!  I've been ramping up strength with RevGym and got to talk with Ruckus Co-founder Liam Brenner this week.  Get the scoop on why he thinks Ruckus is the top obstacle course race around HERE.

My morning was a bit up-side-down as I was taking kids to the Dr for checkups since Em was sick.  Got to thinking about what I need from my off season work since I punted the morning workout.  Swimming, it's what's for dinner.  It's been getting better but I need to get some more speed work in.  I read THIS Active.com article and the points are true.  Consistency, technique and volume.  Volume is up, technique is decent and adding consistency with drills.  Oh yes... swimming you are my evil friend.

So, the pictures aren't great.  Spider girl and Wee Man Puppy made their way through the streets of Olathe.  They got more candy than they could eat, so mom and dad had to help.  In turn, that doesn't help my off season weight watch.  I'm not overly concerned, but the holidays are officially under way and the score is Cookies - 1, Candy - 1, Me - 0.

Puppy looking for some treats!

R2 was having some introvert moments and needed help going to doors.  She was Spider Girl if you couldn't tell.

Wee Man Puppy in the dark.

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