Monday, October 31, 2011

#Ruckus Kansas City keeping me going

As I'm sure all endurance athletes can relate, once the weather turns cold and the tri season dries up, it's hard to keep that motivation to stay fit and keep training.

Maybe you can't relate?  It's bitter sweet.  I love the fall season.  Changing leaf colors, cooler temps, football... it's all great but it makes getting up to work out a might more challenging when it's dark at 7am, still.  It's so nice under the covers and it's so cold in the house to get out and find my way to the trainer, treadmill or gym.

But, at least I got hooked up with Ruckus Sports to run the Ruckus Kansas City course this weekend!  You may have noticed a few articles about the race and rEvolution Gym, their sponsor.  I've worked out with Master Brown (I don't have to call him that, you can just call him John) a few timed for articles for Examiner and it's a good fit.  AND, they have classes at 5:45am which works well for work.

So, at least I have some motivation to keep on the training.  It was bad last week as I could not get up to work out before work once day last week.  I made it it by working out at lunch, after work or after dinner.  It's not ideal, but I didn't just slip on the work.

Here's last week;
Biking - 40 miles
Running - 22 miles
Swimming - 4000 yards
Total Time - 9:09 hours

Also stay tuned for new MVT shirts made with help from Rellec!  Black with gold and silver logos for Man Vs Ruckus KC!  SaWeet!

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