Monday, November 21, 2011

What has happened to my cold weather tolerance??

It's now winter.  We are getting below freezing consistently every night now.  Somewhere, somehow, I've lost my tolerance for working out in the cold.  I refuse to ride my bike out in this and layering up to run just doesn't not sounds appealing.

It's not like it's 20 or single digit cold.  There's no rain or snow.  My mind has just thrown in the hat for morning workouts in the cold in the morning.  I can hit the streets later in the day, but that pesky job gets in the way during the weekend and with the family gig on weekends, getting out in the middle of the day just isn't as feasible.

That's not to say I'm not getting my time in.  I'm on the trainer and treadmill, but that's a different sort of mental l struggle.

Sunday I didn't make it out before Em had to go to work for my long run, so I managed to get an 8 miler on the dreadmill in while the kiddos napped later in the day with my Puma Velosis 3's.  I count myself lucky to get the hour and thirty minutes (warm up and cool down mixed in even!) to run while BOTH kids napped AT THE SAME TIME.  If you have two kids, you know what a struggle or rarity that is that they nap at the same time for the same amount of time.  Luckily there are many REASONS to like the treadmill.

Sweet kicks.

I'm not really that happy when running on a treadmill.

Maybe since I stay around 180 pounds as apposed to my 190 I used to be at and less body fat I'm more proned to be cold?  I tried setting a heater on a timer to warm up the bedroom so I could get up... that just made it more comfortable.

Does anyone else have this problem come winter and colder temps?  I used to have no problems getting out for AM cold workouts.  Now, now way.

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