Thursday, December 8, 2011

@BRDSPORTS Preview, travel tips and more!

If you travel at all for work, I'm sure you have thought of all of the following tips...

So the big cliff hanger from the last post is that I was in Chi town (that’s Chicago, for the lay person) for work…

Flew out of KCI at 6am (had to get up at 3:30am to make the flight) to spend all day Monday and half day Tuesday in Chicago to help our regional office with some “stuff”.

Some tips about traveling for an endurance athlete type person…
  1. Go to be at a decent time the day before an early flight.  To bed at 11pm, up at 3:30am… you do the math.  I was tired.
  2. Find healthy snacks to take with you.  I had no more PR bars left and Em had no protein bars to be found.  I was at the mercy of on-board snacks and convenience store food.  That hit hard Tuesday morning when the hotel I was at didn’t have a breakfast offering and I was across the street from the office with no place to hit on the way there.  I had to settle for a popcorn bag and my vice, diet mountain dew.  Low blood sugar and jittery best described it.
  3. Eat healthy when you can.  Luckily they treated me great at the office and had Panera for lunch one day and somewhat healthy sandwich food the other.
  4. Plan your training accordingly.  I planned a long run Sunday and using Monday and Tuesday as rest days.  I knew I wasn't getting up at 2am for a workout before flying out and the hotel I stayed at didn't have a fitness center.  Sure, I could have run outside or ran the steps in the hotel stairwell, but I didn't want to pack two bags and the hotel smelled musty and smokey.  I planed ahead on that one.
  5. Always find something interesting.  Blues Brothers anyone?  "We're on a mission from God."  You might have noticed that picture if you followed me on twitter.
  6. Plan for the weather.  They had a wee little bit of snow while we got about and inch in Kansas City.  sad to miss the first recordable snow of the year and playing in it with the kids.  Oh well.  I'm sure I will shoveling plenty of snow this winter.

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