Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ebay "resolved" for now, off season

Finally Ebayers get on  board...
The auction item I won was shipped yesterday ending the "stand off" about trying to charge me extra for shipping.  I refused to pay since it was not disclosed in auction, and they shipped instead of drawing it out.  Now... should be interesting to make sure it comes in with no "consequences".  No damage, everything that the auction listed and with no postage due.

Anyone know if their is a customs charge for stuff from Canada?  Eh?

The off-season means different things to different athletes...
I don't have 20 hours a week to train.  I get in around 8 to 10 a week and 13 to 15 for build weeks for half ironman distances.  My off season is a mix of taking it easy and losing some structure and then trying to recapture the structure.  Like, my struggle to make it up for AM workouts.  That has slipped and right now I'm not fighting it.  I like my sleep and I'm not training for anything in particular , yet.

But, I have been augmenting my nutrition with the help of Em with supplements.  I can maintain weight, but with today's processing of foods, I don't get everything I need.  She added in some green tea extract for energy and I'm wondering if we may need to tweak that.  I had limited choices for breakfast this morning, drank my vice diet pop and now I'm jittery and it's not cool.  More on why my choices were limited later.

I brought that up to share THIS.  It's written by IM coach Troy and talks about the off-season for different types of athletes.
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