Friday, December 9, 2011

Man Vs Box Jumps, and man loses. Sneak peak with @BRDSPORTS

So with my new found X-Camp class at RevGym, I got intimate with the box jump...
I jumped, I hit box frame, box moves, I miss box with my feet and hit with upper thighs and arm.

Can't see it too well here, but I have a nice hickey on my arm from pinning it between the box and my chest on the way down.

Ignore the indention from bike shorts from the morning trainer ride.  Looks worse in person!
Sadly, the pictures do not do it justice.  Somehow I managed to hit the box frame on the way up so it tilted enough that it missed my feet and shins and tilted back to catch my thighs and then my torso.  Ribs hurt a little but I think my pride hurts the worst.  Luckily only two people saw it and RevGym owner says, "well, at least you don't need 8 stitches in your shin like the gal last night".  No pain, no gain, right?  Maybe not.

On the product review front, working on BRD Sports Brace...
Check it out.  I got it in last night and I like it upon initial impression.  I'll wear it around and hopefully (sort of) I have an achilles flair up to see if this helps.  Stay tuned.

No velcro.  No straps.  No laces.  Niiiiice.
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