Friday, December 9, 2011

Where triathletes can buy their gear and stuff!

If you have been following my blog (all tens of you), then no doubt you have seen the links to the affiliates I work for/with.  By using the links provided on my site to visit them and buy from them, I receive commissions in trade for sending you to their site for the deals that the send to me to distribute to YOU!

As an affiliate, I also get insider info on deals that you might not otherwise know about.  Why should you use the links?  It helps support me going out and gaining experiences to entertain you with on the blog!  If you enjoy injury stories and me lessons from pain, then jump on board!

Check out the list that I recently added!  Personally, I like the squirrel for the Ready Store!

Click on Wilderness Exchange.  They carry the top brands in the outdoor industry such as Black Diamond, Patagonia, Scarpa, La Sportiva, Osprey, Gregory, Sierra Designs, Chaco, Mammut, Montrail, Rossignol, Volkl, and many, many more. They also offer many smaller and targeted harder-to-find niche brands such as Twenty Two Designs, Yates, Icelantic and Western Mountaineering that have very limited distribution.

Click on Backwoods.  We have been in business since 1973 (yes, this is before internet  existed). We have been offering our customers an online shopping  experience since 2007 and constantly adding more available product  online, new shopping tools, & anything else that provides our  customers the same amount of experience online as in one of our 9 stores  located in the mid-western part of the United States.

Click on The Ready Store. Their customers get an experience that’s focused on quality products, world-class  service, expert advice and a one-stop-shop emergency preparedness solution.
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