Monday, December 5, 2011

Training, for what? Ebay issues...

In reviewing my totals last week, I spiked on time and workouts... what gives?
For one, Em has a renewed interest in hitting the gym.  Saturday I got in extra work that otherwise would not have happened when we hit the gym and dropped kiddos off at the child care area.  We hit the spin class.  While I'm not a fan of spin, if you put some effort into it, you will get something out regardless of the quality of instructor.  Not to say ours was bad that day, but she lacked the ability to discern when we were to up the tension or effort.  Suddenly she was standing and we didn't know it was time to stand on the pedals... that and she stopped in the middle to walk around and give out fist bumps.  That's different.

On a side note, our daughter likes to tell people that we leave them at the gym when we drive by.  Like... we drop her off for daycare and leave the gym to run errands or something.  Ah the things that go through a 3 year old's mind.

So I came close to the 3 of 3 plan.  3 bike, run and swim workouts.

I only missed 1 bike workout and added 3 weight sessions!  Bonus!

Last week's numbers...
Biking - 40.3 miles
Running - 19.25 miles
Swimming - 3.69 miles... I think around 6500 yards?  Missing the converting calculator today.
Total Time - 9:16 hours

Did you ever have that problem on Ebay?
Right now I'm in dispute over a purchase.  Auction style with fixed shipping price.  No mention of any adjustments for shipping ANYWHERE in the auction.  So I bid, only bidder, and I won.

I get an email saying that shipping is now Y instead of X (that I promptly paid after auction ended) and I owe the difference of Z before they will ship.

WTF?  Has this happened to anyone before?  What did you do?  Stick to your guns or pay extra or get your money back????
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