Monday, January 23, 2012

Kansas Basketball, NFL playoffs and training, oh my!

KU hoops, NFL playoffs, trips to the gym, 2 kids and bills, oh my...
So to hit the high point of the post for today, the weather in Kansas has gone haywire.  High of barely 30 on Saturday meant a either a trainer ride in the basement or spin class at the gym.  Luckily we got kids packed and ready for the gym in time for the 10am spin class.

For the single or no kids crowd, training on the weekends is a dance of compromise, planning, timing and luck.  You have to consider your spouse, kids, to-do list and your wants.  I think we covered the bases by hitting the gym so Em could work out, the kids ran some energy off in the play area and I got most of my spin class in.  Darned 24 hour fitness and their rules that you have to show ID to get your kids if they are hungry or want a bottle!  What happened to the good ole days of not being responsible for lost kids or kids that went home with the wrong people?

I only missed 8 minutes of the end of spin class.  At the time, it was the end of the world, but I got over it.  Sort of.  =)

But since we hit that in the morning, we had the rest of the day to try and balance EVERYTHING else.

Sunday was an 8 miler on the treadmill.  We balanced this day with kids napping at home with Grandma baby sitting and Em and I got our workouts in.  Does anyone else sweat like a pig on treadmills?  It doesn't help that they have NO fans in the workout area.  I could have ran outside since the Kansas weather went from 30 Saturday to 50's on Sunday, but it was windy and we needed a spousal compromise so everyone got what they wanted for the day.

And what's up with a Kansas thunderstorm on January 22nd?  That just doesn't fly with me.

If you have not been paying attention, I picked up some more writing...
Yes, I still work a day job, and no, I don't write instead of work.

And now I write about the Kansas Jayhawk Basketball team, because as we all know, no one has an opinion about it and I'm the only one that matters, right?

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What winter (not really in Kansas right now) weekend would be complete without NFL playoffs?
Patriots vs Giants rematch?  Seriously?
I was ok with Ray Lewis not going back, but fumbling a punt return to send the Giants to the super bowl?  Really?  I'd rather have seen Pats vs 49ers for something new.  Oh well.  I just hope the commercials are worth it!

First race of the year coming up!
Man vs Groundhog Run!  10k This Sunday!  Who's in?  I'm looking forward to running "competitively" again and getting my race on.  I'm not sure about setting a PR from last year, but more to come on that this week!
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