Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Gym stuff with @Happy2HurtYa

That's not training, that's torture!
Is it possible I pay John at Rev Gym to torture me at his X-Camp classes?!
Today's workout called for 22 push ups and 8 jump-chin ups starting every 1 minute for 30 minutes.  So you get to bust out 22 push ups and then rest until a minute is up, and then hit 8 jump-shin ups and rest until a minute is up.  We did that 15 times.  For those of you keeping score, that's 330 push ups and 120 chin-ups in 30 minutes.  Then we followed that with 50 box jumps.  I know have jello arms and 13 blisters on my hands.  And I PAY for this!  Ya!

The numbers from last week...
I've been trying to hit the bike hard.  Last year was the year of the run as my times improved in the run leg, but my bike splits took a dive.  It's time to put it all together!
  • BIKING - 74 miles
  • RUNNING - 15 miles
  • SWIMMING - 6000 yards
  • TOTAL TIME - 08 : 19
Solid week of ramping up for the season!

Some thoughts about gym going...
  1. Do you really need to light one up immediately after you step out of the door of the gym?  Really?
  2. It's always entertaining to watch a muscle head need a cheek of chew after a good lift.
  3. There is a lot of fake baking orange people than I have ever noticed at the gym before.  Has anyone noticed them from the men's locker room?  You can tell by the multiple tan lines at the shorts waistband since it's winter and no one is tanning outside.
  4. Scary to see a guy walk by in the shower area with a thong tan line... ew cold shudder.
  5. Why must you leave your dirty workout clothes all over the benches when you shower?  This isn't your bathroom or bedroom.  Pick it up!
  6. Gyms - please install more benches.  The ratio of lockers per foot of bench length is not adequate.  Think about it.  Lunch and after work rush is pretty thick regardless of the resolution run.
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