Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last week and gear review preview

Last week's numbers were solid, but could have been better...
I missed one hoped for swim workout last week, but got the 3 rides and runs in.  The rides and runs didn't result in the mileage I would have targeted since some mornings I was up a little late and missed a full planned workout.  But, I did get up and get SOMETHING in.  Short and speedy if I can't get in the long and tedious.... good trade, right?

Some of my workouts were the VO2 max testing I have been writing about and they were short workouts.  I didn't have enough time over lunch left to get more training in since the test was a 20 minute drive from work.  Oh well.  =)

Thus far I've written about WHAT IS VO2 and HOW IS IT TESTED.  Upcoming will be about my experience, what do the results mean and can you improve your VO2 max and is it worth trying to?

BIKING - 50 miles
RUNNING - 16 miles
SWIMMING - 3100 yards
TOTAL TIME - 07 : 43

Gear review previews coming up!
So much gear, so little time!

Here's a glimpse of what to look forward to:
Scicon Aeronaut bike bag
FLEXR Sports Bottles
SIX Nutrition for Men - sorry women

I've tried out the SIX and exciting news coming about them and Man Vs Triathlon.
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