Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well there's a different day for 2012!

First pre-work workout for 2012 in the books without a hitch...
Got to RevGym on time.
Started the workout on time.
Waited til after to take supplements as not to have an uneasy stomach during the workout.
Remembered ALL of my work clothes for changing at my gym for work!  Dress pants, shirt, tie, shoes, socks and underwear!
Remembered a CLEAN towel to dry off after the shower!
Remembered to apply deodorant, brush my teeth and shave!  I always get through the morning cleanup forgetting at least one of those!
Got to work on time and hitting the grindstone.

The key was getting the kids to bed by 8pm on the dot.  We had been lax on getting them in bed til around 8:30 and sometimes 9pm.  Allowing them to sleep in past 7am since Em and I were always home to watch them and we didn't need to get them to a daycare for work.  We have gotten back to bed by 8pm and up by 7am for the kids.  Thus, that allows that key 8-9pm time to get everything ready for work and gym and slide into zone out land by 9pm and out by 9:30pm for mommy and daddy.  After 9pm, my brain is toast and the last thing I want to do is get stuff ready for work or clean up the house.  Hopefully the trend will continue.

The only drawback is my phone is having issues with losing battery power in less than an hour.  I killed all running apps and it still dies.  Might be time for a checkup.

Christmas is a time of celebrating, and working out?
I worked a little from 12/22 to 1/2, but for the most part I was off work and around the house.
The weather in KC was unseasonably warm, supplying plenty of opportunities to get rides and runs in outdoors.

I tried to take advantage, regardless of bike mechanical failures.  Here are the numbers:

BIKING - 69 Miles
RUNNING - 17.5 Miles
SWIMMING - 3500 Yards
TOTAL HOURS - 08 : 34

Overall a successful Christmas/New Years holiday week workout wise.  Just need to keep it up into January getting ready for another season!
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