Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 looks a like like 2011

We shall see if 2012 starts looking any different...
but last time I checked, I'm going to the same job tomorrow and the usual routine of kids and work.  Hmmm... one difference is that I don't have my road bike to ride on the trainer after Friday's loss of the right shifter.

Took it to the Trek KC store, and they'll be calling SRAM Monday to see what they want to do.  The part alone was over $250... for a shifter lever... are you shifting me?  Exqueeze me?  Baking powder?

So, if SRAM isn't on board with replacing a SRAM Force part that's just over a year old in use, I may be putting up a Trek road bike for sale.  If the parts aren't going to last that long, and they are that costly to replace, what's the point of paying the extra price with no increase in durability?  I'm not seeing it.  Anyone else want to fill me in?

On the Man Versus Triathlon news front...
I have a beer o'clock meeting with the man behind the designs to work on the Heartand 39.3 shirt design.  It will be the first design for a specific event and I want to make it count!  Should be exciting!

On other fronts, with all the "new year's resolutions" wafting in the air, I'm dedicated to making my email newsletter worthwhile.

What would draw you out there to sign up, read and suggest it to your friends?  Lets rule out getting paid or free stuff... any ideas out there?  Looking to improve!
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