Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 things for Wednesday - @1BandID and showers

Yes, you can take your 1BandID in the shower and it's good to go... but that wasn't the point of the post.

I forgot to mention in my review for 1BandID that I was sent a discount code.
Go to and use the coupon code below that you can enter at checkout to save 10% (or $2) off a 1BandID of your very own. The coupon is good for 20 uses over the next 90 days, so first come, first serve. Please share this with your training friends and family and help as many people as possible simplify their safety.

Customized coupon code: ryan25823

I also have a training tip...
Pack extra towels for training days.  Stash a towel in your car somewhere.  Stash a towel in your gym bag.  Put one somewhere at work... have spares!  Found myself with no more spares today after the lunch workout and resorted to using an extra clean shirt in the gym bag to dry off with.  It worked, but it was awkward.
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