Thursday, February 23, 2012

Busy much?

Holding down the fort with so many responsibilities doesn't always go as planned...
There's been some changes around the house on the personal front which results in less "free time" to cover existing responsibilities and the extra curriculars... like blogs, facebook, emails, gear reviews and training.

Sorry, but I opt to ease back on the social media to maintain the training.  I mean, if I wasn't trained up to race events, what's the point of writing a blog about endurance sports mixed with reality?  =)

Last week didn't shape up like I wanted...
With what I mentioned on the personal side, we have been limited going to the gym and I've been so exhausted in the mornings that some AM workouts have fallen through the cracks.  Oops.  I did get most of the running and swimming in, but my achilles heel last year, the bike, has suffered.  I need to get out there.  Especially today, high forecasted around 65 today!  Hopefully I can fit it in between appointments.

Here's last week's numbers.
BIKING - 35 miles
RUNNING - 19 miles
SWIMMING - 5700 yards
TOTAL TIME - 07:27 hours

Hopefully this week I can find time for a gear review and a post about my upcoming Ruckus Kansas City run in late March.  Plus I'm be hitting a classic, the God's Country Off Road Duathlon.  I better ride the trails a few times before this race!

I also checked out a fundraising dinner for Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Kansas City Triathlon team...
The dinner was this past Tuesday and aside from wrangling two rug rats during the dinner, it was cool to finally meet a lot of local triathletes that I had met online for the most part.

Em was out of town for training and if I wanted to make it to the dinner, then I was going to need to find the courage to take a 1 year old and soon to be 4 year old out in public for dinner.

The soon to be four year old was excellent.  Actually listened to me and had a good attitude.  The one year old, on the other hand, decided he had enough after 15 minutes.  Flailing, throwing food, screaming... these were just a few of his tactics.  After 45 minutes, we had to go.  But, for posterity I'll link the video of him in the car after dinner... enjoy.

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