Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting ready to Ruckus ASAP!

Time is flying by!
Around Kansas City, it hasn't been much of a winter as far as snow, ice and cold goes.  As I type this, 2/23/12, it's forecasted to be around 65 today and yesterday it almost reached 70 degrees.  CRAZY!

Hopefully you have been lucky enough to get outside and get some training in instead of being relegated to the treadmill and bike trainer.  Swimming... well, unless you are hard core, it's still too cold in the water for open water swimming.  Or, you could be of the opinion... "man up".

At any rate, it's getting close to March!  MARCH!?  Where did the time go?  I know for us, with two very young children, time just flies by.  Never boring is out mantra.  I've raced the Groundhog Run that usually kicks off the new season and now I'm facing God's Country duathlon and Ruckus Kansas City Run, year 2.

Ruckus Kansas City Returns
They came and went last fall.  This year they wanted to avoid the heat of the summer and the coming cold of winter.  What better timing than early spring?  From experience of racing early spring, it can be chilly, but generally once you get moving, you don't notice it.  It may be different running through water and mud, but that's to be determined.

But, did you know....
  1. Price increase TONIGHT!  It's $75 now, up to $80 after tonight.  Get in ASAP!
  2. The Ruckus race series was voted #1 Ranked Obstacle Course Under 10k by  Seriously!  Check it out HERE.
  3. If you live in KC and want to run the race, and for being loyal readers of my blog, use code "mvtri66" for $5 off!  If you get in before tonight, you could get in the race for $70 instead of $80 tomorrow.  What are you waiting for?  Get in HERE.

    What can you do to race hard at Ruckus?
    If anything, I've learned to wear high socks!  5 months later and my rope burn is still left its mark.  Don't be that guy or girl that looks like they burnt their leg on an exhaust pipes.  While scars can be cool, getting the burn to scab over took a couple of weeks and a lot of pain and some socks got thrown away in the process.  Don't be that person!  Read my other tips HERE!

    ANYONE ELSE RACING ADVENTURE RACES?  Have any tips?  Have any events that are new and not widely known?  Post in the comments and share your thoughts!
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