Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last week that was in numbers

Big changes on the home front equal stressful times on any side interests and hobbies...
Try as I might to get it all in, sometimes the plan just doesn't work.  I've officially changes day jobs, which if any of you have done, you know what I'm talking about.  I worked for my former employer for 10+ years and now have charged out into a new path.  It's been... interesting.

With the new gig comes changes in timing and schedule.  I had a 25 to 30 minute commute one way to work before, now it's 15 minutes max, no highways.  I'll be out and about a lot more so there may be chances to grab a quick workout here and there, but a lot of my new gig is lunch appointments.  I have to be careful to stay on a good path with eating out over lunch.

But, last week was with the old employer and I had a somewhat regimented schedule, so I got most of my workouts in and even made it outside for the weekend with temps in the 50's and 60's!  Hold me back!

Last week's numbers:
BIKING - 78 miles - SWEET!
RUNNING - 19 miles
SWIMMING - 200 yards - only got one swim in... booo
TOTAL TIME - 09:51 - almost double digits...

I also slapped on the heart rate monitor for my long run and came pretty close to staying within 75% of max for a zone2/3 run.  I was at 78% average, but I wasn't paying a LOT of attention to it, just running by PRE and seeing what the heart rate ended up at.  I might dive a little deeper into heart rate monitoring, you know, with all of my free time!

I've read up on some good articles and posts about it, and with my past VO2 max testing, I have a great heart rate to work with.  I just need to find the time to sit down and figure out my zones and get a game plan going.

Time time time...  =)
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