Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last week's numbers and blisters, oh my - #KUHoops

So somehow I ended up with some nasty blisters from my long run Sunday...
I even used my same shoes I have been in.  Same socks as usual... but I did have to take a few bathroom breaks in my indoor track 12 miles.  Nature called.. I had to answer.

Finding steam for 12 miles on indoor track

It was the trusty Puma Faas 400s and Push Endurance for drinks.  That was an interesting long run.  I keep forgetting to bring my heart rate strap to measure bpm to train within my Z2 and Z3 for long workouts.  I need to focus more and pack the heart rate strap to make it a habit.  It's pointless to look into the training method if I don't measure my heart rate.

Post run hanging with Kid 1 and 2 watching Muppets from Space.  Doesn't get any better!

BIKING - 60 miles - would always like more here, but all 3 rides were outside!  C'mon spring!
RUNNING - 19 miles - not bad.  I need to get more out of my medium range run.
SWIMMING - 3000 meters, I only got one swim in, not good.
TOTAL MILES - 84 miles
TOTAL TIME -  09:20

Overall the workouts were pretty quality.  I'm hoping to get to the 11 to 12 hour ranger in anticipation of IM Kansas in June at peak training.  Having the gym right by home helps out a lot.  Too bad it's going to be almost 80 and sunny tomorrow and I have a training seminar all day... on well.  At least there are no windows to look out and pine for being outside.

AND, if you live under a rock, it's March and that means COLLEGE BASKETBALL!
I also write for the Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Examiner, and I took a look at KU getting a 2 seed for the tourney.  I'm hoping for better results than losing to UNI or VCU this year, but it's still Kansas.  =)

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