Monday, March 19, 2012

March 2012 Swim Meister Tony News

A lot is going on in the swimming world. Some countries have already started their Olympic Trials, including the British who will be hosting the Olympics. The American swimmers are in the last few months of their training for the U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha. The Columbus Grand Prix starts today. Not all of our top swimmers are their, but Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin are. Natalie has been just on fire for the last year or so, and Phelps has a renewed determination after being touched out by Ryan Lochte in 2 events at World Championships in August. This meet will be worth keeping an eye on, as well as the Indianapolis Grand Prix at the end of the month.

A lot is going on locally, as many local masters swimmers are preparing for 2012 Summer Nationals. Last weekend was the All Relay Meet at Roeland Park, which had a record 60+ masters swimmers. Here’s what is coming up next.
  • March 31 & April 1; Breadbasket Zone Meet in St. Louis
  • April 1, if you don’t want to go to St. Louis and want a great workout, check out the attached flyer for the April Fools Workout.
  • Spring Long Course Meet, they still haven’t ironed out details yet. I do know it will either be the weekend of April 21, or the weekend of May 12.
  • And of course Summer Nationals, July 5-8. See details below.
  • As always, for details on local events, go to and click on Upcoming Events.

See the March edition of StreamLines below.
  • Eleven Miles for Eleven Years; Inspiring story about a cancer survivor that used swimming to improve her health.  MORE HERE
  • Shoulder to Shoulder; We don’t get many injuries in the pool, but when we do, it’s usually the shoulder. Take care of your shoulders.  MORE HERE
  • Nationals; Below is info on both Spring & Summer Nationals. Online registration is now open for both. Spring will be in Greensboro, NC in a brand new facility, and reportedly will include one of the most famous masters swimmers in history, Lance Armstrong. Summer Nationals in Omaha will be held a few days after U.S. Olympic Trials, in the same pool. Make sure you check out the promotional video below, it’s very cool. This meet is possibly a once in a lifetime, definitely no less than once in 4 years opportunity. There will be clinics and training opportunities with former Olympians, and multiple social events. See below for details. Remember, swimmers of all abilities are welcome at these meets. And you can swim up to 3 events even if you can’t meet any of the qualifying times. I promise if you attend one of these National meets, you’ll be glad you did. At Summer Nationals, you could be part of one of the largest teams, as there will be more than 50 swimmers from the Kansas City area.  MORE HERE
  • So many goggles, what should I wear?; USMS does a great job of reviewing products to make your swimming shopping easier. Here is the goggles edition.  MORE HERE

I hope you are getting in the pool, Corporate Challenge will be here before you know it. Check your inbox soon for an email with all the details including practice and tryout times and locations.

Happy Swimming

Tony Rezek
Chapter President, Kansas City, MO
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