Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cyclists, beware road rage

It's a sad day when those that chose to ride their bike to work to stay in shape and save gas get harassed by people that obviously have no interest in a healthy lifestyle...
On they way to work, I was saddened to witness a dude in an older honda accord pull some road rage out of his ass and throw it at a cycling commuter.

As far as I saw, they cyclists did nothing obviously wrong, but the motorists thought it appropriate to stop in traffic to yell at the cyclists and flip him off.

He then proceeded to pull into a turn lane and wait for the cyclists to catch up for what, I don't know.

I have seen the cyclist several times on the way to work.  He wears different cycling team kits, so he's no stranger to biking or being in traffic.  Id' never seen him do anything that would warrant such a tirade.

The driver was a older, pudgy dude with glasses and a beard that didn't look happy in life.

We've all been behind the wheel and been miffed at someone, but to pull over in morning traffic on a bust street and think it necessary to give him some more down the road, really?

Be careful out there people, there are a lot of jerks on the road.
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