Friday, May 18, 2012

Kansas City Triathlon preview and thoughts

This Sunday is the Kansas City Triathlon, part of the WTC 5150 series...
I think this race was created with being a part of the 5150 in mind the entire time.  It's the same RD as IM KS 70.3 and IM Branson 70.3.  This is the 4th year, I think, and the first as a WTC backed event.

I didn't race it last year as it would have been overload with the other events I raced, but it fit this year and registering early, it was the right price!

It's not getting the best reputation on the forums...
There are tons of questions with suspect sources for answers on Beginner Triathlete.  Some people have talked to the RD in person.  Some people got answers on Facebook.  Sadly I don't Facebook at the day job, so I'm closed off there.  Some people seem to have the answers but don't site the source of the info.

There are questions on;
Racking - assigned spot?  Assigned rack?  Free for all?
T-shirts - they had a contest for design on a nice tech shirt and packet pickup was a white cotton shirt.  Some people are miffed.
The event emails are plain text with no live links.  It's WTC, spice it up with some pictures and link!  =)
People found out at packet pickup that numbers on stickers go on your bike to you can get it from transition after the race, not your helmet.

There just seems to be missing info from the web site and it hasn't been kept up to date with the Q and A.

I feel about 90% trained up...
Better to be 10% under-trained than 1% over-trained, right?  Plus, my focus is more on the IMKS 70.3, so the KC Tri was in my mind, but on the side.

I'm hitting close to the right numbers on the bike these days.  Setting PR's on the run.  The pool seems to going well.  This will be the first chance to put it all together for a tri this year.  I'm anxious to see how it goes.  I think I can do well, but it's a new course and overcrowding on the run is a major concern.

What isn't any fun is the first year in the 35-39 age group.  I'm not most likely in the last wave for most of my races.  While I'm not worried about cut off times, I am worried about crowded race courses and being the last one out there.  Sure, it's nit picking, but who doesn't like a nice wide open course to lay the hammer down?

I also will be riding my ZIPP wheels off ebay for the first race.  I went back to ZIPP from Planet X, and if my test ride yesterday is any indication, you can buy speed (and for a reasonable price if you go used from ebay).  Same course I ride with my bike with stock wheels was bettered by 1.5 mph with the ZIPP wheels.  Hoping that carries over!

The big question is, do I wear my Giro aero helmet and be "that guy" or go with regular helmet?  Might as well throw it on since I have it...

Predictions... no
The race was around 700 people last year... this year they are looking at 1400.

That's a lot of bodies to navigate.  I may be feeling good, but if paths are blocked and there's too much bike traffic, it might not matter how I feel.

This will determine if this race will stay on my calendar.  I'm crossing my fingers for a good race experience, but I'm going to prepare that it may be a slug fest getting through the sheer number of racers.

Wish me luck!
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