Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We hooked up with Pactimo!

Recently added Pactimo to the list of affiliates.

Check them out!

Pactimo provides premium apparel and athletic wear to world champions, pros and elite cyclists all around the globe. Our clothing technology is based on the best performing fabrics and chamois available, and, unlike most of our competitors, we actually own our factory and manufacturing equipment. That means we will always have the most consistent sizes, colors and quality across all of our product lines. And, our Designer Gallery™ is the first of its kind in the market. We have new, one-of-a-kind cycling apparel designs being added all the time. Our customers get a fantastic deal. By buying direct through out website they are not paying a supplier, brand, distributor or store mark up. Buying online with us means they get dynamically designed, technical performance cycling apparel at 25-45% less than a premium garment they would find in a local shop.

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