Wednesday, August 8, 2012

House sold, DEFCON 5!

Tons going on!
We sold our house just like that Monday.  All it takes is that final showing, right?  We had been in the market around 2 months and lowered the price as much as we could tolerate.  It's just not a seller's market unless you have a VERY desirable home or location.

I pity the foo who tries to sell their house.

But I have NO pity for the foo's we are going to buy our house from.  Time to pass on our selling shortfall to our seller!

Good buy to the first house I ever owned... bitter sweet.

And the Olympics keeps going...
Michael Phelps' last Olympics (or is it) is enough to draw me and the wife in to watch some of the televised portions.  We have watched here and there, and sometimes stayed up to late for Phelps or the Flying Squirrel.

Check out the latest winners:
Men's Triathlon
Women's Triathlon
Women's Marathon

I think this year I have watched more Olympics than I ever have.  But, one key was we didn't have kids in bed by 8pm, requiring us to be at home and we're so tired we plop in bed and unwind watching a little tv before bed.

Good times!

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