Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training numbers and post-season thoughts

The triathlon season around Kansas City is over...
And now I'm in maintenance and intensity mode.  My workouts are a little shorter with more intensity, so my volume is down for the week.  It's hard not to want to trudge out there for some long miles on the bike just to feel "normal".  =)

The swimming, biking and running are a way of life and sometimes it doesn't feel natural to scale it back when I don't have any triathlons on the immediate front.  The KC Triathlon might be my next race and that's next May.

Realizing you don't have any short term race goals is like waking up to an empty box of Wheaties... very disparaging.

On the training numbers front...
The total training time is relatively high with strength work and more workouts at shorter intervals mixed in.

With the holiday mixed in last weekend, we had limited opportunities to run or bike on the weekend since:
A.  It rained all day Friday, Saturday and a lot of Sunday
B.  We didn't have a gym around in SE MO.
C.  We had two small kids with us and only my Grandmother as option for kid supervision, which isn't a good idea.  She's not down with that game these days.
D.  I guess you're suppose to relax on vacations... while your near 2 year old can't sleep away from home and keeps you up all night.

BIKING - 46 miles over 3 workouts
RUNNING - 16 miles - need to start bumping up for KC Marathon
SWIMMING - 7100 yards
TOTAL MILES - 64.75 miles

But at least I have the KC marathon...
October 20th, 26.2 miles.  Something to keep me motivated to run since I'm not a cyclocross guy and there's not much else for endurance peeps in the fall in winter in Kansas City.

So.... the running numbers SHOULD go up!

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