Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We've moved... almost completely

It's almost a done deal...
Triathlon activities and marathon training have been on hold for the past 3 days.  Sunday through Tuesday were spent packing, lifting and unpacking and we still have more to do!

A few more trips to the old "dump" to get the last bits of clothes and stuff and we will be 100% moved.  100% unpacked is another story.

Took us 2 days to find the batteries to replace a dead battery in a beeping smoke detector.  Why didn't we go out and buy a battery?  Every time we would go out, we forgot.  That's the way we roll.

Hoping to get back out there...
Today's goal is a pool swim and followed by... wait for it... a run OUTSIDE!  Yes, I'm going to do the easiest 30 to 45 run you ever heard of.  It's been around 2 and a half weeks since I injured my achilles enough to run or ride.  Looking forward to it.

Plus, I have been send some Karbon Speed wheels to test out, so I need to get out and ride before it gets too cold in these parts!
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