Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11 days until #TheNorthFace #EnduranceChallenge

Right now it's busy times at the house.

We moved around a month ago and just now seeing a somewhat normal house and schedule. I have found most missing items that got hastily stuck in a box for the move only to be stuffed in the basement or garage until we could get to unpacking said box.  Success came in getting the garage sorted enough to fit the wife's car in it.  The doh moment was when we parked her midsize sedan in the garage to realize it only has a foot of play to get around the car when in the garage. Maybe the suv is shorter and will work better when we get enough room to part two cars in the garage.  Hopefully...

Then there's the whole new job thing for me. The sales gig I was at for the past 9 months wasn't heading in a direction I was ok with.  So, I took my talents to a different firm in town and back to construction management.  It was a major competitor from where I was at before the sales gig, so it's interesting to see the other side of the fence.

And then there's other background ancillary things like kids new daycare, training, looming 50k, grumpy old dog and the online stuff I do.  Bear with me as this side will probably take a hit until or unless I can bring an idea to life.  It's kind of a natural progression of what I have been doing online with man vs triathlon and examiner.  Stay tuned for that.

Speaking of examiner, I am headed to the Kansas jayhawk basketball game this Friday as a member of the media! Crazy. Stay tuned for my articles for the KU hoops team on examiner. I'm hoping to gain traction with getting credentials.

And then there's the northface 50k on November 17.  The achilles is doing great and I'm hoping to hit the start line ready to go. I've not had huge mile weeks, but I need to also make sure I'm recovered from the Kansas city marathon.  32ish miles of nothing but fun.

And then there's a couple of reviews coming up.  The latest was carbon speed aero wheels.  They just got shipped back and I'm doing some last minute video edits to post a full comprehensive review.  Stay tuned, lots going on here!

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