Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Garmin 310XT revisited

Raise your hand if you run with a Garmin GPS sports watch. (it's ok if you raised your hand reading on your computer, no one can see you)

Now raise your hand if you use a Garmin 301XT.
All you people that don't have your hands up, go out and get one!

Why do I bring this up?? I'm now without mine for some indeterminate amount of time. The back light flickers and won't stay on when I hit the buttons when it's dark out. So... sent it in to Garmin to have it checked out. I'm having withdrawal. I feel naked without it. Luckily I can borrow my wife's 205 and it will work in a pinch.

Why do I pimp the 310XT? I started out with the trusty Forerunner 201. It was a great entry level GPS and did what I needed, which was track running. As I got more into it, I needed more out of it. I needed better reception on cloudy days, easier access to download workouts, and bike riding GPS as I entered into triathlons.

Enter the Forerunner 305. It met my needs for a long time. That was until the face place just couldn't take the beating after 2 years and came off. I glued it back on and it worked just fine, but I was looking for a replacement.

[play angels from heaven music] Enter the 310XT!

Waterproof. It has the options I needed, quick release system that was easier to work with then the 205 and 305, ANT capabilities that I could track trainer rides with a cadence sensor, great reception and longer battery! DC Rainmaker has the in depth review if you need more reasons why you should own one! Luckily it was Christmas time last year and BAM! I was on the leading edge of GPS.

The beauty part was the ease of use. I don't use this sucker to it's full capabilities.

A. I'm not a super techie
B. I just don't have the time
C. I'm sort of a training minimalist

When I say I'm a training minimalists, by that I mean I don't train by heart rate, cadence, wattage, etc. I base my training on speed work, a good plan, and perceived rate of exertion. Maybe the 310XT is overkill, but I'm definitely jonesing to get mine back! I can transfer my workouts to myGarmin and prod around to see my pace and splits and I'm now without it! (probably could download with the wife's 205 but who has the time to get it synced, etc).

If you're looking for the perfect Holiday gift for the multisporter in your life, the 310XT is it!

Check the listing from below where they have the 310XT for $249.95 without the heart rate strap and $299.95 with the strap.

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