Friday, December 7, 2012

This, that and the other for a Friday with a side of Thunderclap

Couple of misc stuff in this post...
Have you ever heard of Thunderclap?  It's an interesting application where you have a cause or some sort of topic you want to get some exposure on, and you start a "Thunderclap" and recruit people to support it.

They can sign up with their Facebook account or Twitter account.  When you sign up, you allow the app to post to your FB or Twitter the message and link to the topic.  The catch is that nothing happens unless you get enough supporters by the deadline date.  Deadlines can be 7 to 14 days from the day you start the Thunderclap.  But, if you reach your goal number of supporters, on the time of the deadline, the message is sent to all supporter accounts and all of their networks see it.

It's a cool concept (seeing that I'm a social media geek like that).

Check out a few Thunderclaps I started.

Thunderclap for the Operation Jack Half in the Snow for Kansas City.  It's a half marathon on Dec 29th for the Autism Society.

Thunderclap to send out a tweet that Chrissie Wellington should reconsider retirement.  Just for fun...

Thunderclap for my 25 charities for Christmas that I started on Examiner.  More on that later...

Thunderclap for the Jingle Bell Run in Lawrence, Kansas.  It's the fundraising page for the youth honoree.

Check them out and consider supporting a couple.  I'm interested to see them fire off and what they garner for social media interaction.

Affiliate of the week, Seshday...

25 Days of Charities for Christmas...
I'm not keeping up, but I have 3 articles for endurance sports charities written for 6 days into December.  If I ever get the time, I hope to get caught up.  Stay tuned to my Examiner page to see what charities I find.  Also, drop me a comment if you have any suggestions.  I have 22 more to go.

Spotlight on endurance sports charity Blazeman Foundation

Spotlight on endurance sports charity Challenged Athletes Foundation

Spotlight on endurance sports charity Team in Training

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