Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Battle of the Bean 5k Preview

So, this 5k was sort of last minute...
I happen to catch a Facebook posting a few weeks ago about a discount for a 5k in town.  I believe it was for 12/12/12 so they had the race for $12. In this day and age where 5k's can go for $25 or more, and the travel to get to and from the race takes longer than the race, I don't run many 5k's.
But, for $12 and a race close to home, I'm ok if something comes up or if it works out and I can run it.

It's called the Battle of the Bean.  Team Coffee Bean races Team Cocoa Bean.  I'm not sure what exactly that's all about, but they have separate shirts for each team and you get the shirt according to which side you picked.  I don't really think there's any score keeping, just a fun rivalry?

But, we do have sick kids and a worn out mom at home, so it should be interesting to see how it will play out.

I do have goals...
Basically I performed a run test a few weeks ago and came close to a new PR 5k time. It was previously 21:21 at the Jingle Bell run in 2011 (in an underground cave with no real elevation changes of any kind), but this run test it was 21:27 (almost a year later, so it's nice to see I haven't lost much).  So close to a sub 20 and I want to get sub 20 in an official race.  So, why not.

It's suppose to be in the 50's for the day, so not a freezing winter run.

I'm going with the Team Wheaties running shirt and shorts with Fluid arm warmers.  Don't really need any in-race fluids or nutrition.

Basically I'm looking for a 6:45 min/mile in mile 1, 6:30 and 6:45 or better for mile 3.1.  I'm not sure how realistic that will be, but it's a goal.

Other than a sub 20, I'm don't really have any other goals.  Maybe get my Garmin 910XT set up all the way to use it.  Sadly I've had it for way too long and have yet to get it set up.  Where does the time go?  Maybe I'll find the time on the next trainer ride to sit there and get it going.  The specter of all the new whiz band features is intimidating!

Stay tuned for the recap to see if;
A.  I was able to squeeze the race in.
B.  I got a sub 20.

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