Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Battle of the Bean 5k Race Recap 1/19/13

Wish I could report a new 5k PR...

But that would require me to at least run the race.

As I mentioned in the preview, it was a deal for $12. That being said, I knew it would be a strain on the home front to jet out for a 9am race. Kids are up at 7am usually on the weekends and by the time I would have left, the kids would have been in full destruction mode.

As luck would have it, our son who just moved up to a big boy bed decided he was ready to get up at 4am. With no crib to stop him, he graced mommy and daddy repeatedly between 4 and 7am when we finally gave up and started the day. Granted he had filled his diaper to full saturation and that might not be fun to sleep in, but had he been jumping in board with potty training, it wouldn't have been an issue. What a slacker, I tell you.

This last minute 5k wasn't worth pulling in the big IOU's for sticking Em with grumpy rowdy kids.

So, we compromised taking turns running in the glorious almost 60 degree weather here in Kansas City. I think it was a good trade for 10.5 miles outside than a sanctioned 5k PR attempt. There will be other chances like the Groundhog run next weekend.  Plus, it gave me a chance to break out the Garmin 910XT, set it up and test it out!

Hopefully you had good weather in your neck of the woods and got out and enjoyed it. After my 10.5 miles we headed to the back yard to play while I celebrated the end to the great weather day by filling a 5 gallon bucket with dog poo from the back yard.

Enjoy that visual, I know I did.


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