Friday, February 8, 2013

Partnership with Karbon Speed aero wheels!

Exciting times for the ole' blog!
I've teamed up with Karbon Speed aero wheels.

What does that mean, you ask?

It means that some plans and vision for my future is coming to fruition in the form of being a brand ambassador for Karbon Speed.

If you recalled, I reveiewed their 88/88 combo set and in reality, they are the best thing next to a ZIPP wheel on the market right now.  They have put time and money into a profile design that rivals ZIPP, but doesn't kill your wallet.

Karbon Speed is:
  • Light
  • Fast
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • CLINCHERS!  No hassling with glue for deep wheels!

They care.  If you email the site, post a FB message or tweet at them, chances are you will get a response directly from the owner.

The best part for you guys?  10% off using code "MVT" at checkout.  Simple as that.

And, at the time of this email, the 88/88 combo set is only $1500, the lowest aside from the original price when they launched at $1200.  Take 10% off and you only pay $1350 and NO SHIPPING!  Plus, if you want, they will mount your tires and basically the wheels are ready to go out of the box (minor extra charge there)!

Why should you use my code?  Simple.  I have a vision for this whole blog and endurance sports thing, and without the support of my readers, it doesn't go anywhere.  Like my gear and event reviews?  Want me to be able to go further in depth and get to the gritty details?  I need your support by using discount codes and checking out my affiliate list and buying from the links.  Simple as that.

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