Monday, February 18, 2013

This probably isn't what half ironman training looks like

But it should improve...
The week before last was the week of no swimming, gasp!

I fixed that this past week with two visits.  Whew.  Problem was I also lost a long bike ride Sunday.  What's worse, missed a chance to get outside for a bike ride with the Kansas City temps in the high 50's!  Can't win em all... and that's what happens with a busy household and cramming everything on the weekends.  I would suspect most triathlete type people with multiple kids can relate.

It's also been difficult trying to fit a 9-80 schedule in at work.  It allowed for every other Friday off, but everything that got put off trying to cram more work hours in a day got slammed into that one Friday off.  In essence it didn't really buy me a full day off.  It was a full day of running errands I had no other time for.

So with that, I'm going back to the 5 day a week plan and trying to get more time over lunch to get workouts in or time for appointments or other personal items.  Maybe even catch up on a huge backlog of product reviews!

Mio Alpha
Keifer Swim Paddles
Swim Training Web Site
Tri Clothing
The list goes on...

So stay tuned to see which works out better.

The numbers...
BIKING - 33 miles
RUNNING - 14.7 miles
SWIMMING - 2.69 miles
TOTAL MILES - 50.3 miles

Kind of disappointed with the volume for the week.  We had a couple of things around the house that normally are not a part of every day life that absorbed a good amount of time, so that played a part and is just one of those things.

I'm aiming for a bigger week this week.  Already going to have my butt handed to me in morning X-Camp at Rev Gym that I found last year.  Should be a sore week!  Good times!
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