Thursday, March 21, 2013

Make sure to check the alarm...

So whether you are getting up on time for work or to work out in the morning...
Always check your alarm, especially if you have small kids.

My nightly ritual involves checking the current time to make sure the toddler and pre-schooler didn't change it, check the alarm time and make sure each is on the correct AM or PM setting.  Too bad I forgot to check the volume on the alarm.  Luckily I woke up around 6:30am and wondered why the alarm hasn't gone off, and I checked the time.  OH $hit... fire drill to get ready and leave for work to be on time.

Good times.  I had ambitions of moving up wake-up time to make a shift, but when the alarm doesn't make a sound, it's hard to get up.

And bring on March Madness!
KU has a 1 seed, and it's no lock for the Jayhawks, but of course I picked them to get to the final four and win in most of my brackets.

It should provide for good content for indoor bike rides and treadmill runs while Kansas City continues to resist the change to spring.  It was 70 degrees last Friday, and this weekend will be in the 30's with snow and rain until Tuesday.  Spring, hello?  I guess that's just more time for precisely controlled workouts on the trainer and treadmill.  Hill runs, sprint intervals, climbs and all kinds of good fun to be had.  I'm not sure where my long run and ride will fit in this weekend, but I guess we have to suffer out one more weekend in the crud weather.  Maybe I'll tough it out and layer up for an outdoor workout or two... maybe.

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