Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The week in numbers, on and off the wagon

Last week was glorious, for a day...
Last Thursday and Friday jumped into the 70 degree range last week and it was glorious!  I was able to capture a very quick bike run and run to the daycare to get the kiddos to capitilize on the weather before it blew up and snow came back for the weekend and today.  Boooo....

I was able to get most of my "planned" workouts in, but I'm still lapsing on AM workouts and getting spotty on PM workouts.

It's just too cold when you stick those toes out from under the covers in the morning.  I can make all the excuses about the training dungeon in the basement being too cold and I'm too tired... blah blah blah.  The shot of it is I set the alarm to get up and don't realize it's going off until 30 minutes later and hit snooze and don't remember that.  I could sleep forever sometimes.  Maybe it's a bad bed?  Maybe it's a signal from my body I need more rest?  Maybe it's mono? - I don't think so on the last one.

I think it's just that point where all working triathletes with families reach when it's nothing but go-go-go for a few weeks and then it's time to retreat and recover.  That's what I'll chalk it up to... recovery.  Ya, sounds good.

Do as I say, not as I do.

The shifted work hours do allow for consistant lunch swims.  Last week I got two in and wasn't able to squeeze one in on the weekend.  I instead used the gym time for a long run while the kids hit the play area.  Had I crammed it in before they woke up, maybe I could have swam.  I need to get a handle on consttantly going to bed and getting up at the same time every day.  That probably jacked me up along with daylight savings time.

The slip was not getting a long ride in Sunday, but at least I got the outdoor ride in Friday, so I called a shift of workouts with an impromptu BRIK to get the kids from daycare.

BIKING - 56 miles
RUNNING - 20 miles
SWIMMING - 2.39 miles
TOTAL TIME - 7:35 hours
TOTAL MILES - 78 miles

It's March 19, 2.5 months approximately from IM Kansas 70.3.  It's time to pick it up and future plans should allow for proper training without being excessive.

BIG, HUGE announcement.  It's been a long time coming and the fruition of hard work and future sacrifice, but the end goal should be a lot of fun for me and the family.

Any guesses?  And those that know, no commenting!
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