Friday, March 8, 2013

Pinched for Swimming, found a solution

When switching jobs, the new gig allowed for flex time...
And I signed up for the 9-80 program.  80 hours in 9 days and get every other Friday off.  It sounds good in theory, but it kind of backfired.

Chalk it up to trial and error.  I thought, hey, a WHOLE Friday to get crap done!  Maybe tick off a long training workout and then get some items done around the house.

It was ok at first, but since I was working 9 hour days the other days of the week and taking 30 minute lunches, I couldn't get any workout in over lunch and in order to get sleep, I was opting to work out after the kids went to bed.  I don't know about you guys, but the last thing I wanted to do after a long day is pack up for the gym across town to get a swim in.  So, swims suffered.  My workouts overall suffered.  What I did get in was limited to after the kids went to bed and I was not getting that break from work to allow my brain to rest for a little bit before getting back at it.

What looks good on paper may not be the best option.

The Fridays off turned into "cram-in-all-in" days.  Every Dr appointment, errand, bills, and whatever else I didn't have time in the day for on my 9 hour work days got shoved to the Friday off and it was impossible to balance it all by putting it off until 1 day every two weeks.

Yes, I know a lot of people work 50+ hour weeks and what not and make it work.  For our situation and for me to keep my sanity and stay married, it wasn't working.

I was stressed out, things weren't getting done and my workout time was sad.  I was only able to squeeze out little less than 6 hours a few weeks ago.  Yes yes, there are bigger problems in life, but I was feeling like I couldn't even get the basics managed.  And, that's with relatively healthy kids and healthy wife.  Things should be manageable.  I've either bitten off too much (I know who will agree with this) or the plan wasn't as good as I thought.

So I changed it...
I am now back to the 5 day a week program.  8 hours a day but I adjusted start, finish and lunch hours to allow for lunch workouts and leave the door open for mornings and after the kids go to bed.

I must say, it's been working better.

It's a brain break for the middle of the day.  If I'm good on workouts or have an off day, I can do other things with my lunch time.  There's time for work, personal stuff, family and workin out.

Sure, I'd love to train more, but it's about moderation and reality.  Plus, I'm not into over training.  I like to train smart, not just add junk miles or workouts for the sake of working out.  Goals people, goals!

Training went from fitting it in to finally working... with some inflated numbers from snow shoveling...
From last week, we have:
BIKING - 80 miles
RUNNING - 18.5 miles
SWIMMING - 7286 yards
TOTAL MILES - 103.3 miles
TOTAL TIME - 10:53

There was an 1:30 of strength training which included some snow shoveling, stretching and pilates reformer work.  But it looks like I'm actually training for a half Ironman in June.  Imagine that.

So the moral of the story....
is what looks good on paper may not be the best solution.  Don't be afraid to try something new and then don't be afraid to change it back if the new way isn't effective.

If you are not meeting your family obligations, friend obligations and personal satisfaction, take a step back and re-adjust.
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