Monday, April 1, 2013

Check this post out if you use your iPhone or Andriod phone for music

I'm sure a lot of you out there have already found this... but just in case

I've had issues in the past with what I think about people running and listening to music on headphones.  I wrote about how people should ditch the headphones on runs for safety and for a better workout.

But, that's also not holistically realistic... what?  Yeah, I just made that up.

Recently I have explored the Bluetooth capabilities of my truck and realized a whole new world has opened up to me to play music through the Bluetooth connection from my phone.  I have an iPod shuffle, but it's a pain to sync with iTunes and I don't have iTunes on my computer.  I use my wife's account and it's just a hassle to get it updated.  I use the USB on my radio every now and again, but the battery runs out on the iPod or I'm bored with the music.  Same goes for running with it.

Well... when I finally bit the bullet and tried to sync my phone, I realized I'm missing out.  After 10am, my radio show is off the air and there's a little music with a lot of commercials during the day if I'm out and about.  Add that in with the fact I ditched trying to get music going for workouts since it was so difficult to get the iPod set up, updated and charged.

Well my friends, I found an awesome solution.  I know I recently found it, but it may be old news to everyone else.

Amazon Cloud Player

Way back almost 2 years ago I bought a song off of Amazon.  I didn't think anything of it.  I downloaded it and moved on.  Then one day I received an email from another purchase with some credits for another song and thought, cool.  After checking it out, I found the Amazon cloud player.  At first I just downloaded it to my computer to allow me to play it from the "cloud" rather than download the file and take up space on my computer.  The beauty is that you can access the cloud player from any computer with your account and play your music.  No need to drag your phone or iPod everywhere.

Then, I found the app on for my Android phone!  GLORIOUS!  I'm free of cables and cords.  I can play it at work with headphones, in my truck on Bluetooth, in my wife's care on Bluetooth so I don't have to suffer with her music (it's not all that bad), and on any computer.  As long as you have a signal you can access your songs, make playlists, buy more songs and best of all if you switch phones or your computer dies, you don't lose the files!  They are all on the cloud that you just add the app and you are off and running!

Best of all it's free!  You just pay for the songs and you can still download them for other uses. I have yet to have issues with the quality as well.  It plays flawlessly with less than perfect reception.  Great app!

How did we live before smart phones?

So, yes I think in certain circumstances you need to ditch the headphones...

But if you are grinding out a 2 hour zone 2 run on the indoor 1/8 mile track at the gym on a winter day, it could pass for a good reason to break out some music.

Enjoy this nugget if you haven't found it already!
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