Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Jackson County Triathlon long course recap - 8/18/13

It was race time once more in Kansas City for team ME!

As I wrote in my preview, I'm always looking to PR a race, but this year has been dedicated to the soul objective of Ironman Lake Tahoe in September.

So, I planned a lower volume training week to lead up to the JackCo Tri to allow some taper and some recovery to go all out at the race.  Treat it like a race, threshold training and an assessment of progress.  Simple enough, right?

Then right back into my largest volume week for IM training... no problem as I sit here with legs like jello.  ;)


The Swim : GOAL was 17 minutes for 1000 meters... and I goofed since it was a 1500 meter race.  Duh.  So, around 1:40 min/100 gets around 25 minutes : ACTUAL was 29:16 for 1:47 min/100.

The swim was perfect conditions minus swimming into the sun, hard time disguishing between buoys, lifegaurds, boats and permanent pencil buoys while sighting.

It was a 2 loop and this year we didn't have to hit the beach for a Baywatch run back to the start.  We looped at the last buoy and it was perfect in that regard.

It was also wetsuit legal on August 18th due to unseanoable cool weather.  Score!

I also tried to turn around too early on the second loop and ended up wasting some time on that, but that's life in open water.  There's also the rumor that the swim was a little long, and most people thought their time was a little longer than it should have been.

But, everyone swam the same distance at the end.

I felt good.  Kept good technique and survived a goggle full of lake water for the first lap.  Success.

The Bike : GOAL was 1:15 : ACTUAL was 1:12:28 for 20.1 mph average

As I stated, bike speed has been sacrificed for higher cadence riding and focusing on being ready to run 26.2 miles after riding 112 miles.  I have not been putting the right work into creating more bike speed and it shows.  I knew that going into the race, but I was hoping the adrenaline would pull something out.  Guess not.

The Run : GOAL was 35 minutes for 5 miles : ACTUAL was 34:23 - bingo.

Cycling to run is an odd way to think about training, but ever since I shifted my mindset, I set a new PR with the reduction in bike speed, but increase in run speed.

Belting out 6:53 min miles is 30 seconds faster per mile than I have ran at this race.  I felt GOOD coming into T2 and left it out on the course and caught 4 to 5 racers in front of me.  A few years before and I would have staved them off on the bike, and been passed like a slug on the run.

This will have to serve as my victory for staying with my training plan.

Overall : GOAL was 2:11 plus 8 minutes for swim distance goof for 2:19.  ACTUAL was 2:19:29 with transitions.

Not a bad prediction.  Interesting that I lost on the swim and won on the bike guesses.

It was a great race and the cool temperatures definately helped myself and many others to the best race at that course.  Usually it's hot and muggy for this race, but this year was awesome.  Bring on more races like this!

And now, back to 4 hour runs and 7 hour bike rides... booo.  ;)

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