Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 Kansas City Marathon, Ride to Give and PlanetBox

October 19th, 2013 is the Kansas City Marathon!

...and this would make year 4 of running the full marathon.

Ya, I just got done with Ironman Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago, but I feel recovered and good enough to pound out a short 26.2 miles.

What's that mean to you?  Well, it's a chance to win a PlanetBox Launch Lunch Box!

Yep, the very one I reviewed HERE is up for grabs!  It's $75 worth of lunch box, containers and a messenger bag carrier.

Here's how to get in.

As you may know reading the blog, I'm raising funds for Tri 4 a Hand Up Charities.

So to keep the momentum going, I'm offering up the PlanetBox for someone who guesses my exact race time and donates that amount on the Fundrazr page.

So, if you think I am a super athlete and can run the 26.2 in 3 hours, 31 minutes and 10 seconds, you round to the nearest penny, donate $3.31 and write in your whole time guess on the Fundrazr timeline.

  1. Guess my time
  2. Donate that in dollars per hour and minute on the Fundrazr page
  3. Write a comment on your time in hours : minutes : seconds for the KC marathon time guess.

Make sense?

To give you perspective on my athletic prowess, here are some past results:
2005 Dublin Marathon - 5:11:27
2010 KC Marathon - 3:53:10
2011 KC Marathon - 3:52:05
2011 KC North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon - 4:12:12
2012 KC Marathon - 3:52:57
2013 Ironman Lake Tahoe marathon time - 4:49:11

I think it would be safe to say, it won't be much below 3:45.  I feel good, but not superhuman good.

Here's the catch, since I will mail the PlanetBox on my own dime, I need the total raised to exceed at least the shipping cost.  I would suspect it will cost around $15 to ship, so all donations for this contest need to total more than $15.

We also need a minimum of 20 guesses.

So share with your friends, get people to donate (TAX FREE!) and hide and watch on 10/19/13.

AND, please have trust that I won't finish on a per-determined time to rig the contest and in the event of a tie, the PlanetBox will go to the first person to guess that time.  So, don't double guess someone's time and check the Fundrazr activity for previous guesses.

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