Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grease Money Wipes Sales!

FYI - Grease Money Wipes is having a Black Friday sale going on NOW!

I can attest to these wipes get any grease or dirt off your hands!  You can wash all you want with soap and water, but 5 minutes using Grease Monkey Wipes and your hands are clean.  Great for travel with bikes breaking them down or building them back up.

Changing gears or adjusting breaks or chains?  Get the wipes!  Won't tear up your hands either!

Check out my review HERE.

During this holiday week save up to 60 percent in the online store.
  • 3 packs - 60% off, price slashed to $1.19
  • 12 packs - 50% off, price slashed to $5.99
  • Tees - 50% off, price slashed to $9.99
  • Hats - 40% off, price slashed to $13.99
  • 24 packs - 30% off, price slashed to $16.79
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