Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#Ironman #Chattanooga training and 1000th blog post!

It's here! THE 1000th BLOG POST!

Seems like only yesterday I started putting my thoughts out on the internet.  But, here it is, 1000 posts!  Can you feel the excitement?

So what do we do to celebrate?  How about we talk about some Ironman triathlon training!  What else would I talk about on a triathlon blog?

I thought I'd recap last week's workouts and how it went with Thanksgiving in there.
Here's the numbers:
BIKING : 68.8 miles
RUNNING : 19.4 miles
SWIMMING : 1.39 miles

Sadly I was only able to get 1 swim in and that was interrupted by a water aerobics class that I didn't think about going to a different gym location than usual.  Do'h.  Those swim class people are grumpy when you don't get out of their pool in time.  Rough.

Plus, more and more of my bike time is trainer time.  It's not my favorite, but it does offer a controlled environment for exact training drills and intervals.  Also gives me time to catch up on junk tv.  It's getting cold here in Kansas City and this weekend is looking to be in the 20's for the high!  I can run in that, but biking is a no-go.  Frostbite, no thanks!

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner and had family in town, so we were on the busy end of things.  With two kids off from school, family in, and dinner logistics, I had to get in training in the morning before things kicked off or it was slim pickings.  I'd rather be a participant in the family activities than ditch to go work out.  I'm sure I'm not alone in that.  So, I considered last week a recovery week of sorts.

Nothing better than a 3 year old dance off during Despicable Me movie credits!
It's been a grind to get everything in, and at times too cold in the house to get my butt out of bed for an early AM workout.  At least I have the option to work out indoors, so I shouldn't complain.

Now, I just need to get the upper hand on a late fall head cold and stay on track!

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