Monday, December 2, 2013

Ironman Chattanooga training t-shirt fundraiser results #Ironman #Triathlon

Thanks to all that purchased a shirt!

Part of fundraising for Ironman Chattanooga and was a Booster campaign for a training shirt printed up by was awesome as you create the design, get at least 20 shirt orders, and they will print them up and ship them if you selected that option.

For every shirt sold, they contribute part of the order to you or your charity.  You can select the price for each shirt based on the baseline price for cost of printing and then adjust for the price you want to offer the shirt for.  I went for $18 plus each buyer pays their own shipping.

We needed 20 shirts ordered to print, and we got 32 shirts sold!  That will result in over $150 going to the charities!  Sweet!  I selected slimmer margins and hoped for a higher quantity of orders and not drive people off with too high of a price.

Stay tuned for a few more campaigns as I have a few ideas for other events and some fun generic triathlon shirts.

Again, thanks to all that made an order!

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