Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Ironman Texas training shirt for charity #Triathlon #IronmanTexas #Tri4aHandUp

So, I've put my creative genius to work and here's a second Booster shirt...

I wanted to make another shirt for the events to capture the spirit of Ironman and to also give back to the charities.  That's where I came up with this second design:

Shirt comes in red or orange.

The is my brainchild... and the spirit behind the shirt.  It's more of a frame of mind for Ironman triathletes that are obsessed with the event and distance.  It's for those that "get it" why we do this to ourselves over and over.  It's not really normal, but for the crazies, it's a way of life.  Ps - the website will have more to it as time goes on.

I heard about Booster from a fellow IM racer training for Texas.  She's raising funds also for charity and you can read more about her efforts on her Facebook page -

So, the skinny is the site is run by which is a run site.  We have to have a pre-order of at least 20 shirts by 1/30/14.  If we do not make it, the orders are refunded and the shirts are not printed.  If we get over 20, the shirts will be printed by the end date and everyone is happy!

Spread the word.  Like and share the site on Facebook, twitter, wherever!


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